Lecture – York Lodge History

We were treated to a lecture on the history of the lodge, both about the building and about items within, after the York open buildings weekend, Mike had been well rehearsed.

Lecture was given by Mike Curley, who is a fountain of knowledge on the lodge’s history..and a lodge Trustee

We had 3 visitors in attendance, inc one Grand Lodge officer, who was an absolute pleasure to meet and have drinks with.

Festive board was dim sums, salmon chow mein and pineapple pana cota.

Next meeting was announce as an Initiation in Nov

York open buildings

It was a pleasure for the lodge to take part in the open buildings Sat/Sun 15/16Oct.
We had a few thousand visitors asking the brethren of both 236 and Albert Victor lodge many questions.

We hope some might become members too….and we hope many learnt something

We were featured in both The Guardian and York mix..which you can read for yourselves here –