Zetland Chapter No. 236, the Principals for 2019 / 2020

MEZ:- E.Comp. Nigel Cay

H:- E.Comp Tony Cade

J :- E.Comp Chris Patrick


The first Chapter attached to York Lodge (then Union Lodge) was Unanimity Chapter which held its first meeting on Sunday 2nd February 1800. This was, however, struck off the register in 1809 “for non-payment of dues”, a not uncommon occurrence for Chapters during those times.

Subsequently, around 1823, two of the original members attempted to re-start the Chapter with the assistance of members of Union Lodge, who had joined other Chapters prior to moving to York.

In 1845 the Chapter made an application to Grand Chapter for a new warrant to be issued, after nearly 40 years of making no returns or paying any dues.

At this time, there were only 4 chapters working in the North & East Riding, Minerva Chapter in Hull, Constitutional Chapter in Beverley, Britannia Chapter in Whitby, and Humber Chapter in Hull.
As a result, a number of the proposed officers were already officers in other Chapters which prevented them taking up officer roles.

After a number of petitions were prepared, and a proposed change of name to Zetland Chapter, Grand Chapter signed the Petition, and the new Zetland Chapter was consecrated on 25th January 1848 with its first meeting being held in the Merchants Hall, York.

Zetland Chapter No. 236 meets at Duncombe Place Masonic Hall on the last Thursday in the months of February, May, September and November, with rehearsals on the Tuesdays of the

Feb-22Tuesday22th1900Chapter Rehearsal
Thursday24th1830Regular Chapter Convocation
May-22Tuesday24th1900Chapter Rehearsal
Thursday26th1830Regular Chapter Convocation
Sep-22Tuesday27th1900Chapter Rehearsal
Thursday29th1830Regular Chapter Convocation
Nov-22Tuesday22th1900Chapter Rehearsal
Thursday24th1830Regular Chapter Convocation