236 Visits 265

A few member of York 236 decided to cross to West Yorkshire province to visit Royal Yorkshire Lodge 265

As we at 236 are very passionate about our lodge history, and indeed, the history pre unification, we decided to make the 1.5Hr trek to visit a lodge that dates back, both in building and ritual to a similar time to ourselves.

I can honestly say we were not disappointed.

236 is a non emulation lodge, so finding another lodge with ritual very similar to our own, was remarkable.

Festive board was excellent, and Bro Simeon did his usual and had all the spare deserts 🙂 .

The brethren of 265 are very welcoming, very close nit in brotherhood and very proud masons, and very proud of their history, as they should be.

We look forward to them coming to visit 236, and hope to return the kindness

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