2nd Degree – John Bardwell

We had a very good ceremony, despite a few getting ill at last minute.
John Bardwell was passed to his 2nd Degree with 9 visitors from 6 lodges in attendance.

Festive board was prawn cocktail, white fish with veg followed by home made cookies with cream and fruit.

The lodge was very hot, as UK is in a heatwave, but we managed to have a great night.

2nd Degree – Lee Dodds

A good turnout of members and 6 visitors for Lee’s passing

Visitors from
Concord 172
Eboracum 1611
Mitre 7321
Cockburn 5362

Festive board was prawn cocktail, quiche with roast veg and one of the best deserts Ive had (but no idea what it was) 😀

2nd Degree – Neil Blake

A good turnout of Brethren for Neil’s passing, with 1 visitor to the lodge.
The officers did a fine job of the ceremony.

Festive board was leak & bean soup, chicken/veg pie and a raspberry frangipane tart

2nd Degree

Last night saw the passing of Giles Russell to his 2nd degree.

The lodge hasn’t done a second in a few years and we have many more to do..

The officers were well rehearsed and the night was very enjoyable and friendly.

3 visitors were in attendance.

Festive board was tomato soup, fish pie with veg and carrot and walnut cake.