We had a great night installing W Bro Chris Moran and we look forward to the coming year…
A few changes coming to the website, and we start preparations for 2027, our 250th anniversary 😀

236 Visits 265

A few member of York 236 decided to cross to West Yorkshire province to visit Royal Yorkshire Lodge 265

As we at 236 are very passionate about our lodge history, and indeed, the history pre unification, we decided to make the 1.5Hr trek to visit a lodge that dates back, both in building and ritual to a similar time to ourselves.

I can honestly say we were not disappointed.

236 is a non emulation lodge, so finding another lodge with ritual very similar to our own, was remarkable.

Festive board was excellent, and Bro Simeon did his usual and had all the spare deserts 🙂 .

The brethren of 265 are very welcoming, very close nit in brotherhood and very proud masons, and very proud of their history, as they should be.

We look forward to them coming to visit 236, and hope to return the kindness

A double

Today we initiated Chris Nunn and James Parry
We had many visitors, inc WM of Agicola and a rep from Grand Lodge

It was an interesting night, as we dont often do doubles…some bits did not go to plan, but we got there with brotherly help and harmony.

Festive board was good as usual, featuring pate starter, chicken ceaser salad and trifle, which was just the ticket given the temperature was about 27C

Lovely evening, 2 initiates very happy, lots of laughs with the visitors

April 17 – Passing

Well what a turn out for Bro Travis’ passing….
RW Bro Dr David Chambers PGM was attending, and the lodge had 52 Brethren marking the occasion.
We also welcomed back our old caterer, and my goodness what a wonderful festive board they laid out.

Bro Travis was passed and enjoyed the evening
Stewards did a marvellous job as always

RW Bro Dr David Chambers toast to the evening was one of the most heartfelt and inspiring toasts Iv heard in a long time….such a pleasure to meet him.

Meal was curry soup, gammon and veg, lemon compote and coffee


Feb – Lecture

Tonight we had a lecture on the meaning of symbolism in the initiation given by the DC.
We were meant to have a candidate initiation, sadly he could not make it at the last moment.

The lodge thanks the DC for stepping in, and the Brethren that had ritual to perform, did so.

This was the first piece of ritual for the new ladder as we install WM in Jan, so all in all it went well…

We had 3 visitors, and we thank them for joining us on this most enjoyable evening.

Next month is a 3rd….the first one the lodge has done in about 4 years….I hope it will be a busy one, so please get in touch to visit.

Initiation James Offley Guy Stephens

A lovely evening was had by all initiating a new member into Freemasonry

This was the last ritual evening for our current WM as installation is in Jan. but all the Brethren appreciate his efforts over the past year.

Festive board was broccoli and Stilton soup, chicken ragu with roast potatoes and carrots and chocolate and raspberry sundae

5 visitors were in attendance, they all enjoyed themselves.

Going to be a busy year next year, we already have 1st, 2nd and 3rds lined up for ritual…hope to some new faces and old visitors returning.

Lecture – York Lodge History

We were treated to a lecture on the history of the lodge, both about the building and about items within, after the York open buildings weekend, Mike had been well rehearsed.

Lecture was given by Mike Curley, who is a fountain of knowledge on the lodge’s history..and a lodge Trustee

We had 3 visitors in attendance, inc one Grand Lodge officer, who was an absolute pleasure to meet and have drinks with.

Festive board was dim sums, salmon chow mein and pineapple pana cota.

Next meeting was announce as an Initiation in Nov

Initiation Travis von der Burg

Tonight saw the initiation of Travis

It was a good turn out with many lodge members and 6 guests.
Initiation went pretty much to plan, and the officers and members all enjoyed the night.

Festive board was pea soup, beef and ale pie and chocolate pana cota….a fine diner provided by our wonderful catering staff.

Initiation Rohan Lewis

21 Jan 2022
Initiation of Bro Rohan Lewis
No visitors this month, but a fine turn out of Brethren.
First initiation since installation and all officers did their part admirably..

Festive board was Mushroom Soup, Chicken Pie and Sticky toffee pudding…and a fine job as always by the catering staff


Jan 17 2022

We met early at the lodge, its a big event in the Masonic calender……

Installing a new Worshipfull Master, and all the officers.
Phil Cambridge has been WM for the last 2 years, due to Covid and steps aside for Michael Wallace.

Phil has done a wonderfull job, despite Covid, bringing 8 new members into the lodge and driving it forward for the next stage…
Michael will continue the process and drive the lodge to a better position next year